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Bringing Takoyaki to the Greater Seattle area!

..About Takoyaki..

"Takoyaki" translates to fried octopus and was first made popular by a street vendor in Osaka, Japan around 1935.  It is a round dumpling that is cooked on a special pan.  The main ingredient is cooked octopus.  Every other ingredient is generally varied amongst the different vendors.

If you live in Seattle and love takoyaki or just wanted to try it, you've probably wondered, "Where do I get good takoyaki?". You might be able to find it at some restaurants but do you see what they're putting into it? Or even worse...it may have been purchased frozen and reheated in a microwave! That's no way to enjoy takoyaki. Tako Kyuuban is doing it the traditional way. We are making your takoyaki right in front of you, so you see what's going into it and serving it to you fresh off the grill. This is how traditional takoyaki is made in Japan and how it should be eaten.



Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival 2016
We'll be at the Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center.
Fri April 22nd 11a-3p
Sat April 23rd 11a-6p
Sun April 24th 11a-6p

Seattle Uwajimaya

Our new location inside the Seattle Uwajimaya is open daily from 11am to 6pm.  This location serves takoyaki and taiyaki hot off the grill.

Bellevue Uwajimaya
We will not be at the Bellevue Uwajimaya during April or May.

Okonomiyaki and Taiyaki!

On certain days we now offer Okonomiyaki or Taiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake commonly made 10" in size and meant to be a full meal. We make ours a snack size that is roughly 6" around.  We start with our own okonomiyaki batter, mix in shredded cabbage, green onion, pickled ginger, tenkasu, top with a layer of bacon and cook on a flat grill. The toppings are a thin layer of tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayo, aonori and a small amount of bonito flakes.

 Taiyaki is a popular Japanese dessert made with a waffle like batter and filled with your choice of traditional sweet red bean (Azuki). We make our own sweet azuki filling from scratch and do not use azuki from a can. Ocassionally we offer Oreo cookie, vanilla custard or chocolate fillings as well.


 Our Takoyaki


 Frozen Takoyaki

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